Cosmetic Surgeries Gone Wrong

Cosmetic surgery is considered a relatively simple procedure that is carried out day in day out in countries across the world. You think it is a harmless surgery compared to other major surgeries. Because most people tend to get discharged from the hospital on the same day of the surgery when it’s a lip job or a nose job or simple liposuction. Because these procedure don’t take long and if the patient is feeling fine a few hours after the surgery has been completed then doctors tend to discharge the patient on the same day itself.

But it’s not a walk in the park for some

Although most of us have only seen the amazing, beautiful results to come out of plastic and cosmetic surgery there are some horror stories to this as well. That are not told as often as the look good stories. Because whatever said and done these are surgeries and they carry with them the same amount of risk that other surgeries do. Like anesthetic complications and so on. So we can’t say these are fool proof in any way. For example even though surgeries like neck liposuction and tummy tucks are considered safe there have been cases where people have been left with extensive nerve damage after such procedures. It has led to paralysis and abnormalities in posture for some people.

So there is actually no guarantee of what can happen.Even if you are considering something as minor as fat transfer you need to make sure you discuss it in detail with your doctor. Because doctors also tend to be carless about the minor details when it comes to a simple procedure.

So you need to inform your doctor about any previously existing conditions, make sure they have the correct details about your blood group and so. Because there have been cases where patients have dies because the lack of communication between patient and doctor has failed to reveal the patient was having conditions like clotting disorders or deficiencies which can lead to heart attacks and strokes during the surgery itself and as a result death.So you see we should not be so caught up in the idea of getting a newly transformed look that we tend to ignore all the other details going into the surgery. We need to be as apprehensive as we would be if we were going in for surgery for any other health issue. Because we tend have plenty of discussions about these procedures with our doctors talking about risks and assessing them in detail. But somehow when it comes to cosmetic surgery we tend to be a bit careless leaving everything in the hands of the doctor. But we should tone down our excitement a little and pay attention to the details.

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