What You Need To Know About IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Treatments

Being a lady, regular hair removal has become a part of your life’s routine. Waxing or shaving your whole body and threading your face are not always simple. Especially when you are to make regular appointments in the salon and get it done, you will feel that your monthly income is always being spent on this a little too much that you expect. However, modern technology has been generous enough to present you with a treatment which uses a light and helps in permanent hair reduction/removal. So, gear up to say goodbye to those annoying hairs that trouble you every week, demanding to be shaven or waxed.

What is it?

This is a process which simply uses a white light in order to reduce the hairs in your body. This light is used to attack the hair follicles that originate the growth in different frequencies as per the requirement. This treatment is most effective on individuals with darker hair colours for it is much easier for the light to track it down rather than lighter ones. Before being treated, a cooling gel will be applied in order to protect your skin from the light, along with a blindfold which covers your eyes to avoid any contact with it. 

For your attention

This is very much similar to a treatment of laser hair removal and requires several steps to be followed. In order for the IPL treatment to be more effective you need to take it once in every six or five weeks. Also, direct exposure of the skin to the sun will affect the treatment. Therefore, it is highly advised to use a sun screen of more than 35 SPF. Plucking, waxing or any other hair removal method that may result in the hair being pulled off from the root needs to be avoided as well.


These treatments can be arranged by simply visiting the nearest laser clinic in Moonee Ponds. The advantage of using IPL is that it suits almost all skin types giving the best result to all those that use it. This technique will not damage your skin and will be more effective in permanently removing or reducing the hair growth which has been a hassle for you for years. 


While this technique has many benefits to offer, it has its down sides too. This method is considered to be not affordable to all those who desire to reduce hair growth due to the high charges demanded from the cosmetic specialists. Also, it may not be affective for people with skin tone and hair which is lighter in colour.

However, by considering the overall feedback for the IPL treatment, it has been very positive. Therefore, if you are hoping to get one done, do not hesitate for it is not harmful to you.

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Different Methods For Getting Spectacular Looks

If you dream of having perfect looks like celebrities then going for latest skin treatment is a good idea. The beauty industry has come up with many innovative ways that can help any person to improve or change their look. So, here are treatments that you can take to get appearance that you always admire for.

• Skin rejuvenation

It is the process in which skin is treated with all scientific methods to take the best out of it.

During Botox treatment, injection of Botox is given in person. It gives instant result. After taking injections, skin becomes tight and shiny.

In another treatment of skin rejuvenation, collagen protein that is present under the surface of the skin is activated. Collagen is a protein that helps in tightening of skin. After activation of collagen, wrinkles disappear from face drastically, and the person regains smooth and flawless face once again.

Removal of scars and dark spots is also done in skin rejuvenation treatment. Microdermabrasion treatment is used in the rejuvenation process to add glow in the skin.

• Permanent hair removing

According to a data available 22 percent women of America belonging specifically to North America are facing the problem of facial hair. Laser hair removal technology helps them to get rid of it. It is one of the most used and popular way of improving looks, particularly for people who have facial hair problem.

• Cosmetic surgical treatment

This is another smart way of improving looks and it is chosen by almost all celebrities. In this treatment focus is given on improving looks. People who do not find their looks attractive even after having fair skin tone and good height has the problem of imbalance facial parts. With cosmetic surgical treatment this problem is rectified. Here the face or body part is made in proportion.

• Plastic surgical treatment

In plastic surgery Sunshine Coast, entire face or body part is reconstructed. People suffered with burn and any accident often chose this treatment. Those get burnt by acid also regain their face or body structure with this is treatment. You would have seen many celebrities have either improved or completely spoiled their look with this treatment.

• Needle therapy

It is also known as acupuncture therapy is also used to treat various types of skin problems. In this therapy, needles are inserted inside skin to activate dead cells. The treatment is very effective and useful for people who have some kind of facial deformity. This treatment does not have any side effect still it should be taken only after doctor’s consultation.

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