Trying To Fill Your Sweet Tooth

Fairy floss isn’t the most filling of desserts. You can eat five sticks worth before you start to fill vaguely satiated. However, there’s only so much to go around at any public event. By the time you arrive at the event – usually during the afternoon because you prefer to sleep in – it’s either half gone or completely sold out. The fairy floss machine – that temptress – is seemingly staring at you and urging you to lash extension supplies out at it for failing you, for disappointing you. Obviously, you can’t get revenge on an inanimate object. Instead, you’re left glaring half-heartedly at the candy sticks strewn all over the ground or the children enjoying what you wish you could’ve had.

Eventually you’re sitting at home with a microwaved lunch and no snack to whet your appetite afterwards. You could just eat chocolate spread out of the jar again but the last time you did that you made yourself sick. That’s when you remember why you ventured out of the house in the first place. That tantalising, wispy, sticky treat that eluded you like the rainbow. Go here if you are looking for eyelash training courses

So you think to yourself, ‘It can’t be that hard to make fairy floss, can it? Just stick some sugar in a machine, watch it whir and eat it when it’s done.’ Indeed, when you watch those guys with hollow eyes at the carnival just dump that strange fairy floss mix into the machineand stand around glaring at people, you think it would be easier than tying your shoelaces. After all, that’s probably how sherbet is made, right?

Well, that does it. You decide to hop onto the computer, sauce and bits of spaghetti falling onto your faded shirt. In no time you’re searching for any fairy floss machine you can get. But what’s this? How can a machine that makes a sugary snack cost more than a toaster or a kettle? What’s so special about it?

There doesn’t seem to be much to the hunt of metal. It just has a top, a mixer, a bowl and a cord to plug it in. So you delve deeper into what makes it apparently so complicated. That’s when you start to doubt yourself. Before you could even get the mix out, you’d have to assemble the machine from scratch. Because, well, it couldn’t come assembled in the box, could it? Then you have to prepare the machine before it can actually make the fairy floss. That involves heating it up for ten minutes. In the meantime you’d be standing around and listening to your stomach growl. Not to mention the cleaning job afterward but even then you’d have to let it cool down. But it would be worth it, right?

Maybe you’re better off buying marshmallows instead. Less fuss, more affordable and at least you can roast them if you’re desperate enough.